Nestville Distillery

Alcohol plant


BGV, s.r.o.

BGV, s.r.o. was established in 2001. Its principal business is the manufacture of ethanol (ethyl alcohol) in a modern, high-performance grain distillery. The distillery builds on the rich tradition of distillate and spirit production in the northern Spiš region. The excellent standard of fermentation and the cutting-edge technology of the rectification plant, together with the meticulous quality control and the high expertise of the staff, guarantee consistent production of the finest grade of alcohol. Our stable customer portfolio includes major spirits companies across Europe, pharmaceutical and food companies, automotive cosmetics manufacturers, packaging film manufacturers, and many other industrial companies.

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alcohol plant

BGV, s.r.o.’s alcohol plant is one of the most modern grain distilleries in Central Europe. It is situated near Stará Ľubovňa, a town with a distilling tradition dating back to the 18th century. We are the largest food-grade ethanol producer in Slovakia. Since 2008, we have also been making whisky and grain distillates. The plant is also capable of producing anhydrous ethanol by means of molecular sieves. The storage tanks can hold approximately 2,500 m3. We have an accredited testing laboratory designed for the analysis of alcohol and spirits. Our experienced hauliers and logistics professionals provide reliable transport directly to our customers.

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1. Delivery of grain
2. Silos
3. Crushing
4. Hydrolysis
5. Fermentation
6. Distillation
7. Alcohol storage
8. Dispatch
9. Residues
10. Stillage
11. Spent grain (feed)



We offer a wide range of solutions for food, pharmaceuticals, automotive cosmetics, beauty products, disinfection and other applications, depending on the customer’s specific requirements. We foster a culture where the flexibility and adaptability of production processes can deliver the variability only found among high-end partners. We will treat your project as our own, and in doing so give it the importance it deserves.

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